Adam. Aussie. Geek. Gay. Lame. Energetic. Sweet. Passionate. Silly. Koala. Extrovert. Gamer. Aussiebum. Taken. In no particular order.

I also tend to be sarcastic... Or not. Psyche.

It's a strange world - let's keep it that way.
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It’s always hard to decide if a new guy at work is actually hot or you’re just relieved to have someone different to look at

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  • Avengers: The Children’s Crusade # 4(of 9)

" …Nothing and no one will ever come between us. "

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Black Widow #10 cover

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daredevil (2014); "take it from someone who can hear his heart-beat: don’t be so cocky.”

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Leaving the house in your favourite outfit

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The only time I don’t tag a post is when I can’t spell whatever it is

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#dr who #same 
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I was 100% sure this was going to be Hans


Sleeping Beauty, that bitch

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