Adam. Aussie. Geek. Gay. Lame. Energetic. Sweet. Passionate. Silly. Koala. Extrovert. Gamer. Aussiebum. Taken. In no particular order.

I also tend to be sarcastic... Or not. Psyche.

It's a strange world - let's keep it that way.
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Elizabeth…I’m sorry.

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The feeling I get when leaving the in-laws is better than sex

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The Kingdoms of Disney. ✨

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…Even hope

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I just want to get married so I can have a fucking honeymoon ok

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Minimalist Justice League by Michael Tomes

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Gee, I wish people wouldn’t leave open graves laying around like this.

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naked gambit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

all new x-factor #5

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Psylocke Sketch Cover commission

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Cap 2 was so good. Other movie makers take note - that is how you insert multiple villains without overloading the audience

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Catwoman by Guillem March

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