Adam. Aussie. Geek. Gay. Lame. Energetic. Sweet. Passionate. Silly. Koala. Extrovert. Gamer. Aussiebum. Taken. In no particular order.

I also tend to be sarcastic... Or not. Psyche.

It's a strange world - let's keep it that way.
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Was it my sparkling personality?

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I’m glad my mum got pregnant with my little sister before I was old enough to realise sex was involved

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Link’s Evolution (1986 - 2013)

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Spawn by George Perez

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Everyone thinks being single is so shitty but can you imagine being married to Kim Kardashian?

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Do you ever get so hungry that you’d consider eating butter without a spoon?

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Getting jealous because my lift going down got here before your lift going up is probably not the healthiest way to live your life